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Cocos Creator integrates the entire mobile browser game solution into the editor tool, eliminating the need to shuttle between multiple software applications. With the Cocos Creator editor open, a one-click automated process takes the least amount of time and

Cocos Creator Crash Course Tutorial Series – Posted: (8 days ago) We’d love to hear from you. Whether you have a question that you’d like us to answer as part of our FAQ, you’ve identified something that just doesn’t quite look right in one of our

Cocos Creator Manual API v4 Upgrade Guide Examples Sprite & TriangleCommand CustomCommand Global Status v4 API Changes How to Getting Started About Cocos2d-x Why Cocos2d How to learn

Cocos Creator Crash Course Tutorial Posted: (12 days ago) This companion to the tutorial on using Cocos Creator. We cover a ton of subjects in this hour long crash course tutorial including getting started, creating nodes, creating a sprite

There are a few more tutorial chapters in active development. The existing content should already be enough to get you up and running using the Cocos Creator game engine! There will also be at least one video tutorial covering basically everything covered by

This tutorial will walk you through how to successfully create a new game project using Cocos 2d-x. Step 1: Open the Command Prompt To access the Command Prompt, go to your computer’s Start Menu.In the Search Programs and Files box, type cmd.This will

“Cocos2d-X by Example Beginner’s Guide” allows you to build your own cross platform games using all the benefits of a time tested framework, plus the elegance and simplicity of C++. Each of the six games developed in this book will take you further on the

1.利用cocos命令创建helloworld项目 cocos new HelloWorld -p -l cpp -d C:\ComputerScience\workspace-cocos 正常运行编译helloworld就出来了 2.搭建安卓环境 JDK环境变量: 配置jdk: 在JDK安装完毕之后,需要手动进行环境变量的配置

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cocos2d-x documentation: cocos2d-x入門 安裝 下載以下所有內容 Cocos2d-x v3.x JDK / SDK 1.6+ Android命令行工具 NDK Apache Ant Python 2.7.5 下載以上所有內容後, 解壓縮Cocos2d-x

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Cocos2d-x Tutorial Series Part One: Installation and Hello World Posted: (8 days ago) This tutorial series covers creating a game in Cocos2d-x, the cross platform C++ based 2D game engine. In this particular tutorial we look at installing and configuring the SDK

Hi Wendy Unfortunately I don’t have a tutorial for anything like this. I am working on a cardigan pattern at the moment but it isn’t granny squares.