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The Common Core Student Consultants, who come from across all the Faculties and all years of undergraduate study, value the range of possibilities that the Core creates for undergraduate learning. These students provide feedback about how to improve the

10/7/2016 · 大家覺得HKU Econ&Fin好d,定系UST BBAhku econ 系咪唔系好出名讀econ系唔系要好多數,同埋前途系咪無ust bba甘好[[i] 本帖最後由 dumbo101 於 2016-7-5 04:07 PM 編輯 [/i]] 小卒資訊論壇 香港中學文憑 hkdse 討論區,提供pastpaper download, marking scheme

The structure of the BBA curriculum directly reflects the emphasis on a general educational preparation for your career in business. For students admitted before AY 2018/19, they are required to complete 39 units of Business Core, 21 units of Concentration 30

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BBA in Global Business School of Business and Management – BBA in Global Business (For students admitted in 2019-20 under the 4-year degree) In addition to the requirements of their major programs, students are required to complete the University and School

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[BBA(Acc&Fin)] These regulations apply to candidates admitted to the first year of study of the 4-year curriculum in SYLLABUS FOR THE DEG REE OF BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION IN ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE This syllabus applies

4/7/2013 · 以 4C + 2X 來計算,25th percentile 的分數 是 33 分, 中位數的分數是 31 分,而 90th percentile 的分數則是 24 分,同學可以以此作為參考。 不過首屆文憑試收生成績亦只能作為基 本參考,相信變動將不少,需經歷數屆文憑試才易看見趨勢。 AL Admission Figure

Notes Major/Minor in Chinese Studies is not applicable to students admitted in 2016-17 and thereafter. The Greek programme is temporarily suspended in 2019-20. Structure of

Dr H Y Zhang, Mathematics [email protected] > Teachers Involved (Dr H Y Zhang,Mathematics) Course Objectives This course aims at students with only HKDSE Mathematics (or equivalent) background and provides them with basic knowledge of

Programs & Courses We believe that research and teaching go hand in hand. The results from our research are transferred to our students through constant updating of the curriculum. INFORMATION SYSTEMS, BUSINESS STATISTICS AND OPERATIONS

GBUS is about being challenged. Dickson WONG Class of 2017 BBA in Global Business and Finance Believe you can and you’re halfway there. Sinty CHAN Class of 2019 BBA in Global Business and Accounting GBUS allows me to learn and grow with my life

program– Fond out more about the admission process, courses and curiculum of the part time and full time MBA programs at HKU.

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specified in the syllabus. Grades shall be awarded in accordance with UG 8(a) of the Regulations for the First Degree Curricula. ISCS 8 Written examinations or tests shall normally be held at the end of each semester unless otherwise specified in the syllabus.

26/6/2012 · BBA(IS)是那些成績一般,卻又想讀BBA或入讀港大的人的水泡。 正解: BBA(IS)絕對不是單純的BBA課程,請記得BBA(IS)除了讀BBA的課程外,亦要讀BEng(CS)的課程,不論你會否讀第4年,頭三年你亦需要讀programming。

26/6/2012 · JA6793 HKU BBA(IS)/BEng(CS) JUPAS Guide目錄 ***** A. 就業及薪酬 B. JUPAS收生 C. 了解BBA(IS)/BEng(CS) Double Degree D. 課程比較 E. 課程內容 F. 謬誤更正

Information for Current students Undergraduate Studies Teaching and Learning Academic Advising Degrees and Regulations More information on undergraduate studies

Candidates pursuing the BEng(CompSc) degree may pursue a minor offered by other departments in the Faculty of Engineering or by other faculties in accordance with the regulations of the University and the syllabus for the degree of BEng.

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syllabus of the programme concerned. The course descriptions of the General Engineering courses are as follows: ENGG1002. To be eligible for proceeding to the BBA programme in the 4th year, candidates must (1) fulfil the requirements of the BEng

HKU Business and Economics Alumni Association officially established Shenzhen Alumni Dinner cum HKU-PKU EMBA Welcome Dinner 2019 back to top Connect With Us Contact Us +852 3917 5343 [email protected] 4/F., K. K. Leung Building, The University

30/7/2012 · JA6793BBA(IS)/BEng(CS) JUPAS Guide目錄 ***** A.就業及薪酬 B.JUPAS收生 C.了解 BBA(IS)/BEng(CS) Double Degree D.課程比較 E.課程內容 F

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the syllabus of the 4-year LLB curriculum or the syllabus below (excluding those which the candidate has already taken and passed in his or her studies for the BBA(Law) degree). Advanced standing 4. The Board of Faculty of Law may exempt any candidate

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These regulations apply to BBA(IS) graduates of the 4-year curriculum admitted to the BEng(CompSc) degree curriculum in the academic year 2017-18 and thereafter. (See also General Regulations and Regulations for First Degree Curricula) ISCS 1 Admission

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA or B.B.A.) is a bachelor’s degree in business administration. In the United States, the degree is conferred after four years of full-time study in one or more areas of business concentrations. In Europe, the degree is conferred after three years of full-time study in one or more areas of business

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8/11/2019 · 首先恭喜大家入到hku bba(a&f),本人亦很有幸與大家成為同學,但我亦想同時問問大家收到e mail後的declaration如何,是選擇bba or bba(a&f)? 本人看到兩者的課程outline後似乎更中意bba,不知大家的選擇及理由如何?萬分感激!

The following is a list of discipline courses offered by the Department of Computer Science for the. MSc(CompSc) curriculum. The list below is not final and some

Syllabus Calendar Entry: Strategic behaviors of users are of increasing importance in today’s computational problems, from data analysis (where a user may strategically manipulate his data) to routing (where a user may strategically choose not to follow the path

醫學 HKU MBBS, CUHK Medicine 評級: A 1.人口老化,醫護要求上升 2.入職人工平均達5萬以上,生活有保障 3.來港執業試難度高,不怕外地勞工 4.公會勢力大,醫藥分家遙遙無期,醫生較藥劑師具有更高保障 5.入學成績跟前景相乎,fairly priced

Computer Engineering Introduction The Computer Engineering programme prepares students for the multidisciplinary field of computer engineering, covering areas in software design, electronic system design, as well as hardware-software integration.It is jointly

Syllabus Calendar Entry: This course offers a gentle introduction to the interdisciplinary field of quantum information and computation. We will start from the basic principles of quantum theory and become familiar with the counterintuitive notions of quantum

Since 1999, the Bachelor of Social Sciences (Government and Laws) & Bachelor of Laws (BSocSc (Govt & Laws) & LLB), jointly offered by the Department of Politics and Public Administration and the Department of Law at The University of Hong Kong (HKU

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Admissions Scores of HKDSE Applicants Admitted in 2018 Code Programme Selection Principle Upper Quartile Median Lower Quartile Lowest Faculty of Architecture 6004 BA(AS) Best 5 30 28 26 25 6016 BSC(SURV) Best 5 30 28 28 27 6028 BA(LS) Best 5

BBA in World Business * † This is a major program jointly offered by the School of Business and Management, the School of Science and the School of Engineering. * This is a self-financed program jointly offered by HKUST, the University of Southern California

Management aspirants often get confused between BBA and BBA Hons. Read more on Shiksha to know the difference between BBA General & BBA Hons. Once students are through with their class XII results, it’s time for them to put on their thinking caps and

To transfer credits obtained from summer exchange and visiting programme, students are required to submit a copy of the admission letter issued by the overseas university, respective credit transfer application form and the detailed course outlines to the Faculty


The Faculty of Engineering offers comprehensive undergraduate engineering programmes for high caliber students, so that they can be equipped with professional knowledge and technical skills in engineering, to provide solutions to engineering problems that will

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Applicants from HKU SPACE CC/HPSHCC graduates or alumni are entitled to a scholarship of HK$7,000 for enrolling on an IC undergraduate programme in 2020/21. If students achieve a CGPA of 2.8 or above in your sub-degree programme, they will be awarded an additional incentive of HK$5,000 (total scholarship amount: HK$12,000).

About Department We are dedicated to produce world-class research, deliver first-rate finance education, and contribute to the financial developments in Hong Kong, Mainland China and the Asia-Pacific region. Faculty and Staff Our faculty are actively engaged in

BBA(IS)/BEng(CompSc) HKU-Tsinghua Dual Course Offered Final Year Projects Industry-based Projects Postgraduate Research Based MPhil/PhD Programme Structure Admission Further Inquiries Courses Offered Taught Based MSc(CompSc) MSc(ECom

HKU SPACE College of Business and Finance offers business management programmes from advanced diploma to master’s degree that are geared to supporting your academic or professional advancement and career development. 1. Cash or EPS Cash or EPS are accepted at any HKU

We welcome your application to the University of Hong Kong via the International Admissions Scheme/Non-JUPAS Admissions Scheme for Undergraduate Programmes for: – Non-local students completing qualifications other than mainland China’s National Joint

FACULTY NEWS | JUN 03, 2019 HKU-PKU Dual Degree Programme in Law Students who have already submitted applications for admission in 2019 via JUPAS or Non-JUPAS and who have listed the University of Hong Kong (HKU) LLB programme (JUPAS Code